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Lagrangian flowmeter

Product Introduction

Today, research and study in the prediction of sea waves and coastal currents, tides, thermocline circulation, the use of information in the design of breakwaters and offshore platforms, as well as the development of fixed and mobile subsurface bases technology, receiving energy from the sea and environmental protection is very important. We need field data in all of the above topic.

In this regard, the Lagrangian flowmeter, designed and manufactured by Darya Naghsheh Consulting Engineers for the first time in Iran, effectively helps to collect marine data, including determining the direction and speed of sea currents, measuring salinity, temperature, and PH. Also, the data collected by this buoy based on water currents and it’s free from the effect of wind.

The rudder blades and the designed balance weight effectively move the buoy under the influence of water currents at a certain depth. This buoy has the ability to add PH / EC sensors and satellite positioning system.

The rudder blade No. 1 with a height of 30 cm is used for flow measurement in shallow coastal waters and the rudder blade No. 2 with a height of 70 cm is installed for flow measurement at a depth of 1 m and can be moved.

The velocity of the current of the sea and rivers at their depth is higher than the water surface, that’s why by increasing the length of the wire, the wings can be placed exactly at the desired depth to measure the underwater currents effectively and accurately.

This device has been manufactured and localized by the experts of Darya Naghsheh Consulting Engineers for the first time in the country and is ready to be presented.

Technical Specifications

Power supply


Automatic data collection system without the need for cables

Adjustable time interval from 1 second to 10 minutes

Body Material

Plexiglass & PT

Rudder blade

30Cm 70Cm

Internal battery


Battery type


Information sender section


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