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سیستم تعادل شناور

Ship balance system

Product Overview

balance is one of the basic principles of construction of ships and is considered in all stages. Loading on ships is one of the factors affecting the balance of a ship in the face of sea waves. Nowadays, a traditional system shows the balance of ships, which includes a plumb line and displays direction and amount of rolling.

This system measures angles in the latitudinal and longitudinal axis of the float with a suitable frequency of 5 times per second. The angle that the float makes with longitudinal axis is called the Roll angle. The angle that the float makes with latitudinal axis is called the pitch angle. The frequency of measuring angles is 5 times per second. The measurement frequency can be increased from 5 times per second to 20 times per second. If the float is in balance during loading, the display screen of the ship’s balance position display device shows the equilibrium position as the pointer indicates the upright position. It also records the angles of the rudder that indicate the reaction of the floating commander in the face of specific conditions. This information is used to study the structure behavior in real conditions and to record and transfer data to the Travel Information Recording System (VDR). This device uses a satellite positioning system to transfer this information to the internal memory and VDR system. Installation of this system is very simple. At the location of the command bridge and in any situation where it is floating (balance or imbalance) using structural guide lines such as walls and ceilings is done like installing a photo frame, which can be done using simple tools such as rulers. Is installed completely horizontally and accurately and displays the actual state of the float as soon as it is turned on.

One of the advantages of installing this system is that it can be installed on any wall without considering the left and right of the float and it can be easily justified, so there are no installation restrictions in this system.

The main parts of the device

  • goniometer sensor
  • Sensors Information Analyzer Section
  • Sensors information recorder
  • Sensor information receiver
  • Internal software to manage system performance
  • Information repeater for installation in the ship commander and operations office