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نمونه بردار آب

Water sampler

Product Overview

Water samples are taken from seas, dams and lakes for some reasons. Flows, sedimentation in stagnant water can change the concentration and composition of water at different depths. In projects such as desalination or dam water sources, it is usually necessary to sample from different depths.

Water sampling from the bottom depth requires a device that has the ability to store water at the desired depth and keep it. so that it does not mix with water at other depths during transfer to the surface.

The device made by Darya naghsheh Company has the ability to collect approximately 3 liters of water at any depth and transfer it to the surface without changing its content. In designing this device, we have tried to make this device as light as possible and its mechanical operations are smooth and easy. Proper design makes this device easy to operate during the sampling operation and does not need to be done several times to sample.

Technical specifications of the product

Tank volume3L
Enclosure materialPlexiglas
Material of metal partsSteel 316
Mechanism of actionThrough weight-brain release